Upper School Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the Upper School at NEST+m, a citywide Gifted & Talented program. Admission to the Upper School for 2014–15 is open to New York City residents applying for the Ninth and Tenth Grades. Because NEST+m is a screened school, prospective students must take our Entrance Exam in order to be considered for admission. Please speak to your current Guidance Counselor to obtain a High School Application. NEST+m must be listed as one of your choices on your application.

Stephanie Glasgall, Upper School Guidance/Admissions Counselor



Sunday, January 11th – 10:00am

Saturday, January 17th – 10:00am

REGISTRATION is now open, please click on REGISTER.

NEST+m is a screened G&T school.
All prospective candidates who wish to be considered for admission must take our Entrance exam.

Students should arrive at NEST+m by 9:45am so they may check in and begin the exam on time.
Please have your child bring number 2 pencils and an eraser.

Students with an IEP must bring a copy of their IEP with them and give it to one of the counselors checking students in on the morning of the exam session in order to receive extra time.