Giving to NEST+m

NEST+m is able to offer its wide variety of programs because of the generous support of our families. There are many ways to give to the NEST+m community, from financial contributions of any size to donations of your time and expertise—whether reading to a group of kindergarteners, chairing a fundraising event for the PTA, soliciting donations for our annual auction, or inviting a group of students to visit your lab and see you at work.

The NEST+m PTA General Fund channels families' financial contributions to support our children's education. Such exceptional education, despite being public, is not free. Without generous parental support, NEST+m would lack many of the programs that round out its curriculum and garner it consistently high rankings and awards: Singapore Math, accelerated reading programs, technology, continually growing arts and sports programs, classroom enrichment, tutoring, and financial assistance, among others. Our children depend on your continued donations, as well as the matching funds we receive from your employers, for the richness of their educational experience. Please contribute whatever you can, and invite other parents who care about their child's educational development to do so as well. The more families contribute, the more external grants we can attract to make your contributions go that much farther for all our children. Please consider sending in a financial donation today!

Corporate and foundation donations also support the high quality of our academic programs. NEST+m is committed to producing educated young adults ready for the challenges of higher academic learning and the job market. It's an investment we make for our children's future and we take it seriously every day. We welcome corporate and foundation support and partnerships with companies and organizations that believe that quality education does make a difference. 




Dear Families,
The PTA oversees the ordering and distribution of Classroom Supplies for all students. (This program was formerly called School Supplies A Breeze). This large-scale purchasing program guarantees that the teachers get exactly what they need, takes advantage of bulk pricing, and saves parents time and money. To find out more, and to make a payment for your child, please visit HERE.