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Back to School Event for Upper School Students

Upper School Back-to-School Event

The Back-to-School event for Juniors & Seniors is on Wednesday 8/27 and on Thursday 8/28 for Freshmen & Sophomores.
Both Back-to-School events begin at 9AM and end at 12noon. During each event the students will receive their program of classes, a locker assignment, textbooks, ID Card, and activate their Daedalus account (must have an e-mail account already).

Please note, students will also be able to make program changes if necessary. 

Student should bring the following items at their Back-to-School event:
Pen and pencil
Combination lock (another lock is required once at school for Physical Education)
Last year's ID Card if applicable

At the BookStore, they may purchase a combination lock ($5), Physical Education T-shirt ($10).

Middle School Summer Assignments & Individual Supply Lists

 The Middle School (grades 6, 7 and 8) Summer Assignments and individual Supply Lists are located under the Middle School tab followed the Student  Resources tab.

NEST+m Kindergarten Orientation

Welcome to our new Kindergarten students and families!
Orientation will take place in the NEST+m auditorium on June 11 at 8:30am.

See you then!

Orientation Day for 2014-15 9th & 10th Graders

When: June 5, 2014
Where: NEST+m Auditorium
Who: Parents and Students

Time: 11:45AM - 1:00PM math placement test & pizza - Students
Time: 1:00-3:30PM Parents and Students

What: Welcome to NEST+m & Information about 9th & 10th Grade

Some Details: Lots of Information, ID photos, meet Upper School teachers, etc


Orientation Day for 2014-15 6th Graders

When: June 5, 2014
Where: NEST+m Auditorium
Time: 8:30AM-11:30AM
What: Welcome to NEST+m & Information about 6th Grade
Who: Parents and Students

Some Details: ID photos, writing sample, visit with World Language teachers, tour of NEST+m

NEST+m Hosts 3rd Annual Citywide Middle School Science Fair

NEST+m has hosted the Annual Citywide Middle School Science Fair for NYC Schools for the third year since its inception in 2012. A total of 12 entries from 5 middle schools in the city were entered in the competition held last March 22, 2014. During the science fair, the young researchers competed through a presentation of their research experiments and a defense of their research protocols and analysis to a panel of distinguished judges.

The results of the competition:

6th Grade Category:

3rd Place: Raymond Zhuo (The Scholars’ Academy), “The Effect of the Type of Surface on a Distance a Ball Will Travel”
2nd Place: Dana Karson (NEST+m), “The Effect of Acidity and Volume on the Growth of Sugar Crystals”
1st Place: Devin Castillo (PS/IS 226 Alfred De B. Mason School), “The Effect of Different Types of Food on the Quality of the Soil Produced by the Red Worm”

7th Grade Category:
3rd place: Latrell Brown, Savion Brown, and Shaniya Morrison (PS/IS 165 Ida R. Posner School), “Go Green: How do increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affect ocean acidification?”
2nd place: Maeve Kearns-Stanley (The Scholars’ Academy), “How Fast do our Hearts Recovery After Exercise?
1st Place: Muhammad Abuzar, Leon Dudarev, and Henry Stanilovsky (PS/IS 226 Alfred De B. Mason), “Truss Factor”- The Effect of Different Shaped Support Beams on How Much Weight Each Truss Can Hold

8th Grade Category:
3rd Place: Alexandra Fomina (The Scholars’ Academy), “Fillin’ In Your Blind Spot”
2nd place: Sher Ahmed, Thomas Burges, and Louis Casal (PS/IS 226 Alfred De B. Mason School), “Sustainable Biofuel: The Effect if F-2 Algae Food on the Biofuel Emission of Algal (Nannochloropsis) Growth”
1st Place: Alessandro Cartegni (NEST+m), “Building A Wind Tunnel to Measure Lift of Different Wing Types”

The panel of judges for this year’s competition consisted of a postdoctoral research associate from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, a practicing Engineer at Charles Ross and Sons, two High School Science Teachers from the New York City Board of Education, and six college students from the New York University Physics and Biology departments.

This annual event is coordinated by Mr. Marvin Cadornigara, NEST+m’s Research Coordinator and supported by the NEST+m PTA.

NEST+m Wins Honorable Mention Citation in ExploraVision 2014 Competition

One team entry from NEST+m achieved an Honorable Mention citation in the 2014 Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision competition. The project, “Graphene-Physarum Composite (GPC): A Replacement for Plastic and Metals”, has been selected to receive this distinction of exceptional merit. The team is composed of Class 6C students Gordon Ebanks, Benjamin Bergerson, and Matthew Chan and is advised by 6th Grade PBIS Teacher, Mr. Cadornigara.

According to Rachael Schmidt, Program Manager of NSTA Science Education Competitions in her congratulatory letter to NEST+m, the Honorable Mention award places the team’s project among the top 10% of all ExploraVision projects submitted to the competition this year. The award likewise commends the students for demonstrating innovative thinking in their exploration of science and its impact on technology and the future. It also applauds the teacher adviser for the exemplary leadership role in involving students in ExploraVision endeavors.

PS Art 2014 Competition * NEST+m Semi-Finalists

 Congratulations to our five PS Art 2014 Semi-finalists! PS Art celebrates the visual arts in New York City’s public schools and showcases the tremendous talent of students from every neighborhood across the city. The students that are selected as finalists from the semi-finals will have their artwork exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art throughout the summer.

Grade 11
Maia Johnson
(Charcoal Pencil on Canson Paper)

Grade 8
Ava Hill

(Charcoal Pencil on Paper)

Grade 7
Ruby Gary

Untitled Portrait
(Pencil on Paper)

Grade 5
Leyla Richter-Munger

(Self-Portrait Painting)

Grade 5
Emily Jin

Student in Blue
(Self-Portrait Painting)


2. Lower School Art Announcement from Christina Soriano
5th Grade Collaboration with CUE Art Foundation's ARTworks Program
This year's Lower School Art collaboration was with CUE Art Foundation's ARTworks program. The partnership and unit was planned during Spring/Summer of 2013 and implemented in January and February 2014 in the Lower School Art room. The entire fifth grade participated as a visiting Teaching Artist co-taught a unit on mixed media and contemporary art, using the Whitney Biennial as a reference point. The students created assemblages which are currently on exhibit at CUE Art Foundation's gallery space in Chelsea. All families attended the opening reception with enthusiasm!

NEST+m HS Ranked Nationally and NYC's one of 10 High Schools with Challenging Courses...

"The Washington Post's annual ranking of high schools where students take challenging courses includes 10 operated by New York City.' national list.....

Kindergarten Open House Registration

Welcome to our Open House Tours!

Dates & Times:
April 8, 9, 10 and 11 at 8:30am-10:00am and 
April 10 at 5:00pm-6pm

Register HERE to attend one of our Open House tours.