Upper School

Created in 2001 as a public school for Gifted & Talented students, the Upper School at NEST+m has become one of the most dynamic, challenging, and esteemed high schools in New York City. Awarded an "A" three years in a row in its School Progress Report, NEST+m was also ranked among the top 100 Gold Medal high schools in the United States by U.S. News & World Report in 2008–09 and again in 2009–10 and ranked one of the top 10 schools in New York City in 2011-12 and 2012-13 and still continues to be one of the top schools in the City, State and Nation. 

NEST+m is committed to providing a rigorous and accelerated curriculum for students who demonstrate the ability and drive to succeed academically. Our classes engage students to question, synthesize, and analyze through discussions and research. In addition to our high school curriculum, students may take classes for college credit on-site through St. John's University and off-site through the College Now program at Hunter College. Students also engage in the world at large by performing a minimum of 60 hour of community service. Since NEST+m opened in 2001, 100 percent of our graduating seniors have gone on to an institute of higher learning.

-Greg FarrellAssistant Principal Upper School          



NEST+m's challenging college-preparatory curriculum includes a minimum of the following core requirements: four years of English, history, science with laboratory and mathematics, and three years of a World language;  and four credits of physical education. NEST+m offers numerous AP courses—with more added each year—as well as a range of electives and ample opportunities for student research, supported by New York University. Students may also take up to 12 college credits in advanced courses through College Now at Hunter College.

Ninth-grade students have an eight-period instruction day, which includes New York State graduation requirements in music and art appreciation, health, and Theater/Literacy. 9th-grade students are in single-gender Regents physics classes when ratios are are close to equal. The NEST+m requirement of one semester of computer science is taken in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. Students in 10th through 12th grade may elect to have an eight or a nine-period day.

The NEST+m science sequence is Physics-Chemistry-Living Environment

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Advanced Placement : Joel Arberman
PSAL Athletic Director: Chad Cinquegrana
College Office
      College Guidance Counselor Nataliya Kisina 
      College Office Secretary Catherine Santiago

Coordinator of Student Activities
 (COSA): Chad Cinquegrana
Dean of Students: TBA
Guidance Counselors:
     Stephanie Glasgall Grades 9 & 12
     Katherine Silva Grades 10 & 11

AIS: Upper School Faculty
Library Research: Roy Whitford, LMS
Occupational Therapy: Julie Varghese 
Physical Therapy: Kimberly Schnittman
SETSS 6-12: Debora Lennon
School Nurses: Amy Whitman and Jill Thompson
School Psychologist: Dr. Sylvia Neal
Science Seminars: Marvin Cadornigara
Special Education Instructional Lead: Elena Beale
Special Education ICT Teacher: George W. Basley
Speech Therapy: Chana Katz 
Student Research Coordinator: Marvin Cadornigara