Opening Week Note

Dear NEST+m Students and Families,

How good it was to be with you this week!

Each week we’ll be writing to provide key information about whole-school matters as well as messages that may be specific to students and families in our Lower Grades, Middle Grades and Upper Grades. Given the need to ensure that all families are receiving these messages they will be sent to our still-developing e-distribution list and re-sent via MailChimp. They will also be posted to our school website.

We look forward to seeing you back at NEST+m next Wednesday.

Mark Berkowitz, (IA) Principal

Highlights from Our Opening Week
We were thrilled to welcome (back) all students!

  • Kindergarten Families: We were especially excited to welcome you to the start of your NEST+m journey!
  • Thank you to the PTA and all who coordinated and attended Friday’s after-school Welcome Back Fair. The Courtyard was jumping (so was the bouncy house!)
  • Students in Grades 9-12: Your kindness is so welcoming. It sets a wonderful example for our students in Grades K-8.

Key information for all NEST+m Students and Families

Chess Instruction, Fall 2015
Chess instruction will take place before and after school beginning the week of September 28th. Room location details will be sent prior to September 28th.

Grades K-5
Tuesday – Morning program for tournament players 7:30 – 8:15.
Thursday – After school program 2:45 – 4:45.

Grades 6-12
Wednesday – After school program 2:24 – 4:45.

Key information Specific to Grades 7-12:
Our Guidance and Programming Team have received many student requests to drop or add courses. We are working hard to optimize each student’s schedule and we are making excellent progress. Students and Families: please note that the “Add / Drop” period will continue through the end of next week. We appreciate your patience as this work is completed.

8th Grade Students & Families: Our High School Articulation Meeting will take place in early October. Stay tuned for more information about this meeting and other information related to the high school application process.

Grades 9-12: Student-led Clubs are beginning to form and meet! If you are interested in forming a new club or regrouping a club from last year, please reach out to our Coordinator of Student Activities (COSA), Chad Cinquegrana, in room 353 for assistance. If you are interested in joining a club or activity, please check our student events bulletin board outside of room 363. Club flyers will be posted there beginning next week.

Textbooks, locker assignments, Metrocards and course syllabi have all been distributed this week. Academic planners were distributed in the Middle Grades today and all Upper Grade students will receive their planners by Thursday of next week.

Curriculum Night, September 30th
We are looking forward to our Curriculum Night on September 30th (5:00pm – 8:00pm) so our Faculty may share with you their plans for the year ahead, curriculum letters, and items for celebration!

Please continue to check our school website home page for announcements, resources, and K-12 news items!

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