Letter to NEST+m Students and Families, Week of October 26, 2015

Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

Over the past week NEST+m hosted a range of extraordinary events, two of which are highlighted here:

·         At NEST+m’s signature College Fair, our Upper Grades students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from some of our nation’s finest colleges and universities.
·         With Saturday’s Fright Night celebration, children, families, teachers and staff from our whole-school community have come together for festive celebration and a haunted house that provided a truly theatrical thrill.
Thank you to all of you—students, teachers, families and PTA volunteers—for making these events happen.
Our Week Ahead:
Monday October 26
·         10:00 am: Special presentation/Upper Grades tour for current NEST+m 8th Grade students. Presentation            begins in our Auditorium.
·         Spirit Week Jersey Day/ Sports Day.
Tuesday October 27
·         8:30 am: Middle Grades Principal’s Coffee in the NEST+m Café.
·         10:00am: Special presentation/Upper Grades tour for Parents/Families of current NEST+m 8th Grade                  students. Presentation begins in our Auditorium.
·         Spirit Week Twin Day: Students: in an effort to build camaraderie, if you prefer not to dress up as one person’s twin, dress up with a whole group of people who are choosing to wear a solid color such as black shoes, black jeans and a black top.
Wednesday October 28:
·         8:30 am: Upper Grades Principal’s Coffee in the NEST+m Café.
·         Spirit Week: Wacky Tacky for Lower and Middle Grades; Dress to Impress for Upper Grades.
Thursday October 29:
·         Spirit Week: Pajama Day (please be sure that attire is appropriate for school).
Friday October 30:
·         8:30 am: Lower Grades Principal’s Coffee in the NEST+m Cafe
·         Spirit Week: Halloween (please be sure that attire is appropriate for school. No masks, hats or                             weapons/fake weapons allowed).
An Update on Campus Safety:
School Safety Agents are expected to sign-in visitors, provide visitors with a sticker and call the office/location that a visitor is headed to so that we may ensure that a NEST+m staff member is present to receive each visitor. Parents/Families: Please be sure to bring ID with you and present yourself to the School Safety Agent Desk.
Citywide Policies:
A variety of school-related policies and resources, all of which are intended to provide students, families and staff members with key information, can be located on the Department of Education website at: http://schools.nyc.gov/RulesPolicies/default.htm
There you will find: Chancellor’s Regulations, information about Student Records, Graduation Requirements, No Child Left Behind, the Citywide Discipline Code, Parent Bill of Rights, Respect for All, Student Bill of Rights, Internet Acceptable Use, Social Media Resources, and Transgender Student Guidelines.
Forthcoming Special Events:
·         Tuesday November 3: Chancellor’s Conference Day. No School for Students.
·         Thursday November 5: Clara Hemphill of InsideSchools will be visiting to tour and report on our school.
·         November 10th: NEST+m Gala and Auction hosted by PTA
·         November 11th: Veteran’s Day. School closed.
·         November 16th: November 20th: Open School Week. Parents of current students are welcome to sit in on             classes.  (more info forthcoming)
·         November 19th: Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences. (start time forthcoming)
·         November 20th: Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences. Early Dismissal for Students. (start time                         forthcoming)
Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.
Mark Berkowitz
(IA) Principal