AP Exam Registration

Dear NEST+m Upper Grade Students and Families:

This week Upper Grade students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course at NEST+m should have received an AP registration letter detailing the process by which they may register for AP exams (Registration Window: February 1st – February 12th), and an AP Bulletin published by College Board detailing the AP program. If a student did not receive a copy they may obtain a hard copy in the Guidance Suite (Room 245), or they may access a digital version from College Board’s website:

Please click the link “AP Registration Letter 2016” to see the list of AP exams being offered at NEST+m during the May 2016 testing window and directions for registration.

AP Registration Letter 2016

After carefully reading the “AP Registration Letter 2016,” click the registration link below to register for an AP Exam:


Should you have any questions please direct them to AP Coordinator, Mr. Joel Arberman: jarberman@schools.nyc.gov