Letter to NEST+m Students and Families, Week of May 16, 2016


Dear NEST+m Students and Families,


Thank you to the many student performers from across our K-12 community who made this past Friday’s 10th Annual NestFest such a success. Thank you to the NEST+m Music Department and to the PTA, whose ongoing support made possible this wonderful showcase of student artistry.


This upcoming Tuesday evening, the PTA’s Barbeque Bash provides both a social opportunity for parents and a fundraising opportunity for our school.
Thank you to all event organizers and to all who are able to attend.


With 4 full-weeks of instruction prior to Regents Week and 6 full weeks of instruction at large, parents, please remind your children of our shared academic, behavioral and attendance expectations—each day is an important day for learning.


Other Announcements:



  • NEST+m Upper Grades tour for current NEST+m  7th grade students and families. Many NEST+m 7th grade families have asked for the opportunity to tour our Upper Grades prior to the Fall of 8th grade. We will be hosting a tour for 7th grade students and families on May 26th, 10am to 11:30am beginning in the auditorium.


  • Monday May 30th: No School—Memorial Day


  • Wednesday June 1: Algebra 2 Common Core Regents Exam



  • Regents Week begins: June 14th


Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.




Mark Berkowitz