NEST+m is a Golden Apple Award Recipient!

We are proud to announce that NEST+m is a 2016 Golden Apple “Super Recycler” Award recipient! This award includes a $5,000 prize for our school community.

We would like to thank the Cafeteria Culture Team, our Sustainability Coordinator Lina Mai, Steven Marinaro and the whole NEST+m Custodial Team,  Jennifer Wilen and her 3rd Grade students, and all of our community members for their ongoing efforts to recycle.

Below is the official Golden Apple award statement for NEST+m:

NEST+m partnered with Cafeteria Culture to implement a successful recycling program in their cafeteria. This allowed students to directly participate and educate their fellow classmates. This effort, along with recycling stations throughout the school, led the amount of waste going to landfills to decrease from twenty-three to two bags! Students also got involved by rallying to ban plastic bags in NYC as well as requesting new street recycling bins from the DSNY to divert waste in their community.

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The Administrative Team at NEST+m