Letter to NEST+m Students & Families from Mark Berkowitz, Week of November 28, 2016

Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

I am hoping that you have had a rest-filled and rejuvenating Thanksgiving Weekend.

As we enter the December Holiday Season, please be aware of the following safety-oriented precautions:

  • It is always advisable that students travel with others when they are walking to and from school.
  • It is always advisable to refrain from traveling with valuables.
  • Personal electronics such as phones should be kept on one’s person (for instance, in one’s front pockets).
  • Use your senses: keep your eyes and ears open. The NEST+m administrative team has recently received reports of students having money taken from them in/near subways in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan near NEST+m.
  • Please be advised that 911 should be called if ever a student experiences a safety-related emergency off school grounds. If such an experience takes place while traveling to or from school, please be sure to notify the NEST+m administrative or guidance teams.
  • NEST+m administration should be notified if a student has any safety related concerns within our building.
  • Fire Alarm Safety at NEST+M: Please note that Falsely Activating a Fire Alarm is an explicit violation of the NYC Department of Education Bill of Student Rights and Discipline Code. Students who falsely activate Fire Alarms will face consequences in alignment with the Discipline Code and will also face arrest by FDNY Fire Marshalls.
  • Thank you for your attention to the safety precautions detailed above.

Monday, November 28: Marking Period 1 Report Cards will be distributed to all Grades 6-12 students at the end of 8th period. Report cards are also available for viewing on PupilPath.com.

Thursday December 1 & Friday December 2: Middle Grades Theatre, Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather is a playful and provocative collage play featuring the work of student-actors alongside that of established writers of ages past.  Seeking shelter from the storm?  Come bear witness to students’ ruminations on what happens when people go up against forces out of their control.  The results are variously humbling, tragic, comical, and always unexpected.

Performances will be:  Thursday, December 1, 2016 @ 5:30 and Friday, December 2, 2016 @6:00pm in the NEST+m auditorium.  Tickets will be on sale at the door:  $10 for adults; $5 for students/children


Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.



Mark Berkowitz