Letter to NEST+m Students & Families from Mark Berkowitz, Week of January 2, 2017


Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

We hope that you are in the midst of a truly relaxing winter break.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

We look forward to seeing you when we return to NEST+m on Tuesday January 3.

Over the past four months the NEST+m community has greatly benefited from the instructional leadership of (IA) Assistant Principals Tessa Derfner, Barbara Rossi and Keshia Souffrant.

Throughout the Fall Semester, in alignment with Chancellor’s Regulation C-30, three separate competitive interview processes were engaged in to ensure that our Assistant Principal vacancies were filled by the finest instructional leaders.

To read more about the C-30 process, please see this link:http://schools.nyc.gov/NR/rdonlyres/EC2129CD-18BB-4BD7-8FBF-25C64D94B8F6/0/C30_52115.pdf

Having conducted both Level 1 and Level 2 interviews for each Assistant Principal Vacancy, I am pleased to announce the official appointment of Assistant Principals Souffrant, Derfner and Rossi.

Please join me in congratulating each Assistant Principal on their official appointment to NEST+m.

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.


Mark Berkowitz