Letter to NEST+m Students & Families from Mark Berkowitz, April 19-21, 2017


Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

We are hoping that you have had a wonderful Spring Break and a meaningful holiday season for those in observance.

We look forward to seeing you all when school resumes on Wednesday April 19th.

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.
Mark Berkowitz

Choosing to be our Best Selves:
Each day, each of us creates our extraordinary school together. This is worth repeating! Students: You, along with your teachers, our K-12 faculty and your families create NEST+m each day. We are here for you. When each of us is our best self, ours is a school that truly soars together.

Choosing to be our Best Selves Part 2:
At the start of this year we introduced three simple norms that were intended to foster a sense of self-awareness; social awareness & and interdependence within our K-12 community. Students and Families, with an eye toward our commitment to every student’s academic and social-emotional well being, these norms are included here for your review and support.

  • We Respect Ourselves: (We are committed to Self-Awareness)
  • We Respect Each Other (We are committed to Social Awareness)
  • We Respect the NEST+m Community (Each of us belongs to and creates our extraordinary school each day!)

Our Week Ahead:

  • Monday April 17, 2017
    • Schools Closed
  • Tuesday April 18, 2017
    • Schools Closed
  • Wednesday April 19, 2017
    • School Resumes
    • Kindergarten Admissions Tour, 8:45am
    • Upper Grades Students: Period 4 will be used to facilitate Pre-Administration for AP Exams.
  • Thursday April 20th
    • Kindergarten Admissions Tour, 9:45am
    • Kindergarten Admissions Tour, 5:30pm
  • Friday April 21st
    • Kindergarten Admissions Tour, 8:45am
  • Monday April 24th
    • Earth Day Celebrated
  • Tuesday April 25th
    • 4pm: School Leadership Team (SLT) meeting in Library
  • Wednesday April 26th
    • K-12 Principal’s Coffee with Families, 8:30am in the Auditorium
    • Please note that our April Principal’s coffee is consolidated into one K-12 meeting due to the rescheduled School Quality Review taking place later this week
  • Thursday April 27th
  • Friday April 28th
    • School Quality Review Day 2

Looking ahead:

  • 5/1: AP Exams begin
  • 5/2 to 5/4: Grades 3-8 State Math Exams
  • 5/18: Evening K-5 Science Fair + 6-12 Curriculum Celebration

Updates from NEST+m’s Lower Grades (K-5)

  • Earth Day at NEST + m Monday, April 24th
    • Please send in a plain white t-shirt this week with your child’s name on it so students can decorate to wear for Earth Day. Please be in touch with your child’s teacher should you have any questions.

Updates from NEST+m’s Middle Grades (6-8)

Special Opportunities:

Updates from NEST+m’s Upper Grades (9-12)

  • Wednesday April 19th:
    • Upper Grades Teachers will facilitate AP Exam Pre-Exam preparation.

DATE                         SPORT              VENUE
04/20 Thu       Softball Girls Varsity  East River Park 8
04/21 Fri         Softball Girls Varsity  Central Park Great Lawn #4
04/24 Mon      Softball Girls Varsity  Randall’s Island #17
04/25 Tue       Softball Girls Varsity  East River Park 8
04/26 Wed      Fencing Girls Varsity  Long Island City Hs
04/28 Fri         Fencing Girls Varsity  Nest Hs-Fencing
04/28 Fri         Softball Girls Varsity  East River Park 8

Always be sure to check http://www.psal.org/profiles/school-profile.aspx#01538 for the most updated schedule or email ccinquegrana@schools.nyc.gov