Letter to NEST+m Students & Families from Mark Berkowitz, Week of June 12, 2017  

Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

As previously announced, Monday June 12th is a non-attendance day for K-8 students in all NYC Department of Education schools.

For students in Grades 9-12, Monday June 12 is the final day of instruction prior to Regents Week. During the Regents testing period, students in grades 9-12 only attend school for specified exams.

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.


Mark Berkowitz


# # #

Lower Grades Announcements:

Our Orientation for incoming Kindergarten Families takes place on Tuesday morning.

Wednesday 6/14, End of Year Chess Celebration hosted by PTA, 5pm

Middle Grades Announcements:

To ensure that students have access to course-specific support beyond that which is provided within our regular instructional periods, please see the following link which specifies when academic supports for Grades 6-12 will be provided with an eye toward Summative Assessments:

Open Classroom Tutoring & Regents Review Schedule – Grades 6-12

Middle Grades Summative Assessments: (End-of-Year Projects, Papers, Final Exam Schedules, and Regents).

6th Grade:

·       ELA: Final Exam on 6/19/2017

·       Math: Final Exam on 6/14/2017

·       Science: Final Exam on 6/13/2017

·       Social Studies: Final Exam on 6/21/2017

·       Theater/Literacy: Final Project on 6/23/2017. This project has not been announced to students yet.

·       World Language: Final Exams on 6/15/2017-6/16/2017

 7th Grade:

·       ELA: Revised Paper due on 6/9/2017

·       Math: Final Exam on 6/9/2017

·       Science: Final Project Presentation the week of June 19th

·       Social Studies: Final Exam on 6/23/2017

·       World Language:  Final Exams on 6/15/2017-6/16/2017

 8th Grade:

Please Review the June 2017 Regents and SLP Schedule. Passing the Regents course and corresponding exam is necessary to earn high school credit in 8th Grade. If a family makes a choice to opt-out of a Regents exam or SLP, students will not be able to earn high school credit for that course.

8th Grade families that wish to opt out of a Second Language Proficiency Exam, the final day to do so will be Tuesday, June 6th. Please complete the SLP Opt Out Request Form below:     https://goo.gl/forms/shKWePGnbcy8pQp93

Regents exams are non-attendance days for students participating in the exams. Students will come in to take the exam only and then will be dismissed. 8th Grade Courses will not be in session on the following dates:

  • 6/13/2017
  • 6/15/2017
  • 6/19/2017


  • For non-Regents courses or students not taking the Regents exams or SLP, the non-Regents Finals are occurring on:
    • ELA: 6/14/2017
    • Math: 6/13/2017
    • Science: 6/16/2017
    • Social Studies: 6/16/2017
    • World Language: 6/14/2017 & 6/16/2017
  • All Finals above with the exception of Math, will occur during the class period, i.e., the regular scheduled time students have the classes above.

 For 8th grade students and families:

·      6/13 – Report for US History Regents and then Algebra Regents. Alternative Algebra I Final occurs on this day as well.

·      6/14 – Normal day of school. ELA and Alternative World Language Finals occur on this day.

·      6/15 – Report for Earth Science Regents only

·      6/16 – Normal day of school except for students taking Geometry Regents. Alternative Science, Social Studies, and World Language Finals occur on this day as well.

·      6/19 – Report for World Languages Second Language Proficiency (SLP) exam only

·      6/20 – Normal day

·      6/21 – Normal day, 8th Grade Cruise at night

·      6/22 – Report for Graduation only at Cooper Union

·      6/23 – Report to school normal time. 8th grade Field Day Field Trip.

Upper Grades Announcements:

This week begins our June Regents Examination Cycle. Please Review the June 2017 Regents SLP and LOTE Schedule and note the following:

  • Regents exam days are non-attendance days for Upper Grade Students. Students will come to school only if they are taking an exam and then will be dismissed from school when finished. Students taking two exams on a single day should be prepared with food and snacks as they will have limited break time (45 minutes) between tests.
  • For morning Regents Exams students should arrive to school by 8:45am and be seated in their exam room by 9:00am for attendance and test directions
  • For afternoon Regents Exams students should be seated in their Exam Room by 1:00pm
  • Students who finish a morning exam early may not leave the Regents Exam room before 10:30am. Students who finish an afternoon exam may not leave the Regents Exam room before 2:30pm.
  • All students taking Regents Exams should bring a copy of their Regents ticket and school ID with them on Exam Days.
  • Student Cell Phones must be powered off and stored in hallway lockers before the beginning of any Regents Exam. Cell Phones brought into an Exam room must be given to the testing room proctor before the exam begins and will be held by the testing room proctor until the test’s conclusion. Students may NOT wear or use any electronic device during a Regents Exam– this includes Smart Watches and bluetooth enabled fitness bands.

Monday, June 12th:

Textbook return and locker clean-out day.

–Students, please return all school issued textbooks to your classroom teachers by the end of the day. Each textbook must be returned and logged back to the teacher who issued it to you. Do not leave books in lockers, on hallway floors, or in random classrooms– as these books will be reported missing and you will be charged for the book.

–If you are studying for a Regents Exam and need to keep a book for study, you may do so as long as the book is returned no later than the day of the Regents Exam. Please return the book to your teacher or the Department Chair so the book may be properly logged in.

–Please clean out the contents of your locker by the end of the day. You may leave your lock attached to store your cell phone or Electronic Device on Regents Exam Days. After your last Regents, please remove your lock. If you are not taking any Regents Exams please remove your lock by the end of the day.

Tuesday, June 13:

US History Regents (9:00am)

Algebra I Regents (1:00pm)
Wednesday, June 14:

Common Core ELA Regents (9:00am)

Living Environment Regents (1:00pm)
Thursday, June 15:

Global History Regents (9:00am)

Physics Regents (1:00pm)

Earth Science Regents (1:00pm)
Friday, June 16:

Geometry Regents (9:00am)

Algebra 2 Regents (1:00pm)
Monday, June 19:

Second Language Proficiency Exams (9:00am)

LOTE – Languages Other than English Exams (1:00pm)
Tuesday, June 20:

Chemistry Regents (9:00am)
Wednesday, June 21st

Regents Non-Attendance Day for NEST+m Upper Grade Students
Thursday, June 22nd

Upper Grades Commencement at Cooper Union Great Hall

Regents Non-Attendance Day for NEST+m Upper Grade Students
Friday, June 22nd

Regents Rating Day

Non-Attendance Day for NEST+m Upper Grade Students
Monday, June 26th

Eid al-Fitr (schools closed)

Tuesday, June 27th

Upper Grades classes are in session (Normal School Day)
Wednesday, June 28th

Final Day of School (½ day with dismissal at 11:30am)

–Please be sure all textbooks have been turned in and that your locker is clean / without lock

Looking ahead

  • Monday, June 12
    • Clerical day for Lower Grades and Middle Grades students (Non Attendance Date, Grades K-8).
    • This is a regular instructional day for Grades 9-12. It is the last day of instruction prior to Regents Week.
  • Tuesday, June 13- Thursday June 22:  Regents Week
  • Wednesday June 21
    • 5th Grade “Stepping Up/Graduation” Ceremony at NEST+m, 8:30am
  • Thursday, June 22
    • 8th Grade Stepping Up Ceremony, The Great Hall at Cooper Union, 12:30pm
    • 12th Grade Graduation, The Great Hall at Cooper Union, 9:00am
  • Friday, June 23
    • Regents Rating Day for High schools
  • Monday, June 26
    • Eid al-Fitr. All schools are closed
  • Tuesday, June 27
    • Regular instructional day
  • Wednesday, June 28
    • Scheduled half day. Last Day of School