special education admissions

NEST+m has a growing population of “2e” or “Twice Exceptional” students, especially in grades 6-12. 

Our NEST+m ICT program has grown quickly in a few brief years. Our team of 12 Special Education Teachers, 1 English as a New Language Teacher, 6 Related Service Providers, 4 Guidance Counselors and many co-teaching General Educators are well-versed in meeting the unique needs of our diverse learners. Whether through Integrated Co-Taught classes or mandated services in speech, counseling, occupational or physical therapy, our faculty members work with students and their families to create the most individualized program possible to ensure each child’s success.

Grades K-5

Students with IEPs are integrated into all General Education classes and receive related services either in class or in pull-out sessions, as per their IEP. There is no ICT programming in K-5. For more questions, please contact Sarah Liogys, Guidance Counselor at  sliogys@schools.nyc.gov.

Grades 6-8

What started with only 1 ICT class last year will grow to a full ICT program across all Middle Grades core content classes in 2017-2018. We plan to have 2 ICT cohort classes for 6th Grade, 2 ICT cohort classes for 7th Grade, and 1 for 8th Grade. In Middle Grades, all students move with their homeroom (i.e. 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D or 6E) throughout the day for core classes such as ELA, science, social studies and math. The classes are mixed for non-core subjects such as Physical Education, World Languages and Music. For more questions, please contact Melissa Chen, Guidance Counselor at mhuangchen@schools.nyc.gov

Grades 9-12

Our Upper Grades Integrated Collaborative Teaching Program has seen the largest growth in the past four years. We now have 2-3 ICT sections of ELA, Science, Math and Social Studies at each grade level in Upper Grades as well as SETSS classes for focused academic  support as needed per students’ IEPs. While there are certain grade-specific requirements, such as ELA 9 or US History for 11th Graders, students in the Upper Grades at NEST+m take many courses across grade level depending on their interests and academic readiness. For more questions, please contact Stephanie Glickman, Guidance Counselor at sglickman6@schools.nyc.gov or Katherine Silva, Guidance Counselor at ksilva@schools.nyc.gov.