Letter to NEST+m Students and Families from Mark Berkowitz, Week of February 5, 2018 (repost)

Dear NEST+m Students and Families,

This Wednesday, as part of NEST+m’s Black History Month Celebration, members of our Upper Grades Black Student Union will be leading assemblies for students in Grades 6-12.

A forthcoming partnership between our Upper Grades and Lower Grades students will feature Upper Grades students pushing into Lower Grades classrooms to engage in read-alouds connected to Black History Month.

In addition, through the creative efforts of students, parents and faculty members, our front of school Lobby features an ongoing celebration of Black History.

For more information about some of the Black History Month Celebrations across NYC, please see:

NYC Parks Black History Month Events

The Schomburg Center’s Teen Night: Black History History Month Edition


Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.

Mark Berkowitz


Saturday NEST+m  took 10 students to the Manhattan MathCounts contest at Baruch Performing Arts Center and they wowed as usual!  The NEST+m team will be advancing to the State Round in March in Albany, NY.  Below are the notable results:

NEST+m was the 2nd place team in Manhattan, out of 45 schools.
Team members included: Paul Gutkovich, Josephine Lee, Jerry Liang, and Davis Zong
Individual competitors: Yoonah Chang, Ryan Chen, Haokai Ma, Ivan Mijacika, Ruiwen Tang, Kevin Xiao

Notable individual results:
2nd place individual: Josephine Lee (8th grade)
8th place individual: Davis Zong (6th grade)
10th place individual: Paul Gutkovich (7th grade)
Top 6th grade student in Manhattan: Davis Zong
Second highest 6th grade student in Manhattan: Haokai Ma
1st place Countdown Round: Davis Zong
4th place Countdown Round: Josephine Lee

Overall, it was a very fun day and NEST represented in an amazing way.  Join me in congratulating the wonderful performance of our students!  Click here for more detailed results.