Letter to NEST+m Students & Families, from Mark Berkowitz, September 24, 2018

Dear NEST+m Students & Families,

We look forward to welcoming all NEST+m Families to Curriculum Night, this Wednesday, September 26th4:45pm to 7:45pm.

As previously announced, here is our Curriculum Night Schedule:

A Formal Welcome:
Each year the NEST+m community has the opportunity to welcome new teachers and faculty. We also have the opportunity to celebrate the ways in which returning teachers & faculty take on new areas of responsibility.

  • Mr. Nerva Jean-Pierre. Mr. Jean Pierre, who is known as “JP” is on a one year assignment as an Assistant Principal. His area of responsibility is school climate, culture and safety. He will be working closely with NEST+m’s Deans of Student Culture.
  • Deans of Student Culture: Ms. Jackie O’Connor, Ms. Ellen Sands, Ms. Michelle Roper.
  • IEP Coordinator: Ms. Dao Lei
  • Transitions Coordinator: Ms. Carrie Bray
  • School Psychologist: Ms. Julie Castro
  • Director of College Counseling: Ms. Nancy Alba (Maternity leave replacement for Ms. Natalia Kisina)
  • New-to-NEST+m K-5 Teachers:
    • Ms. Cassi Park (1st Grade),
    • Mr. George Gottschalk, Physical Education (Leave Replacement for Ms. Theresa Anderson)
    • Ms. Alysha Walker (Grades K-2 Science)
    • Ms. Diane Tenaglia (Grades 3-5 Science)
    • Ms. Felicia Patzke (5th Grade ELA & Humanities)
    • Ms. Taryn Moskowitz (4th Grade
    • Ms. Courtney Caulfield (4th Grade)
    • Mr. Ozzie Avinaut (3rd Grade)
  • New-to-NEST+m Grades 6-12 Teachers:
    • Ms. Selina Zhang, 6th Grade Science
    • Ms. Suna Shin, 7th Grade ELA
    • Mr. Stephen Kos, Integrated Co-teaching
    • Mr. Mike Muntner, Integrated Co-teaching
    • Ms. Jordana Kottler, Integrated Co-teaching
    • Mr. Hao Ma, Integrated Co-teaching
    • Mr. Van Nguyen, Integrated Co-teaching
    • Ms. Rachel Guadron, Spanish
    • Ms. Lena Krumgalz, AP Biology, Bioengineering
    • Mr. Andrew Wells, AP Biology, Living Environment
    • Mr. Jeremy Watson, Physical Education

Learning From and With Each Other

  • Kudos to our K-5 Teacher Team and Assistant Principal Barbara Rossi for attending last year’s DOE Showcase School series. The attached article provides a shout-out to Barbara and NEST+m’s K-5 teacher team for the ways in which NEST+m’s professional practices were enhanced by embracing intervisitation as a deliberate professional learning strategy: “Strategies for Implementing Practices from Showcase Schools” was published in June 2018
  • Congratulations to Meera Zucker who has received a 2018 Math for America  MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship
  • Thank you to new-to-NEST+m Teachers Mike Munter and Stephen Kos for participating in Urban Advantage, a collaboration between the NYC DOE and NY Cultural institutions for the purpose of developing Grades 6-8 students’ Science & Engineering skills.

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.


Mark Berkowitz

Coming Up:

  • Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – Author William Kamkwamba visits NEST+m
    – Period 2 (9:15am – 9:58am) – Grades 9/10
    – Period 3 (10:02am – 10:45am) – Grades 6-8
    – Period 5 (11:36am – 12:19pm) – Grades 11-12
  • Wednesday September 26, 2018 – Curriculum Night. This event is for parents and will run from 4:45 – 7:45pm. No After3, SONYC programs or UG afternoon activities will be in session.
  • Friday, September 28, 2018 – NEST+m Spiritwear Day
  • Saturday, September 29, 2018 – Parents PTA Back to School Bash


BRING IT!: DOE and the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability have partnered to distribute a reusable S’Well water bottle to every single public high school student (grades 9-12). This donation is part of the City’s new BRING IT campaign which challenges students to help build a cleaner, healthier city, starting with one new habit: bringing a reusable bottle everywhere they go. NEST+m 9-12 grade students can pick up their bottles in the Lobby during their lunch periods on Monday and Tuesday.

The NEST+m Ethos: Core-values within NEST+m’s K-12 school community. DOWNLOAD POSTER.

Student Safety