Summer PSAL Sports Tryouts

Greetings Students and Families,

I hope everyone has had a restful, active, and fun summer. Soccer season is starting this August. Below  you will find the link to our schedule, along with the medical and parental consent forms students need in order to participate in try outs. Please note, if these forms aren’t properly filled out, a student will be turned away from try outs.

Students should attend try outs with proper equipment; exercise clothing, water, shin guards, & having eaten at least an hour before hand. Any asthma inhalers or necessary medication should be on hand as well.

There are 12 try outs and practices listed. Students should attend as many as possible. Please be on time for each try out/practice. Note, during try outs students will be assessed based on their skills, cooperation, and overall sportsmanship. Cuts will be made at the start of the school year. The greater the attendance, the better the coach is able to assess if a student will make the team.

Please review the soccer season games on the PSAL website to ensure you are able to attend at least 90% of the games. It is mandatory for a student to report to the coach at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to attend a game.

Typically coaches keep in touch with their students via the app “GroupMe”. If possible, have students download this prior to the start of season so students can easily access the soccer group chats and reach out to teammates/coach as necessary.

Have a great end of the summer,
April Barabash (Boys soccer coach)
Jackie O’connor (Girls soccer coach)