Remote learning begins on March 23, 2020

Dear NEST+m Students and Families,

We are here to support your continued engagement as we begin remote learning on Monday March 23rd!

As you plan for Monday March 23rd and Remote Learning:

  • Please make sure that your child’s email account is active.
  • Please make sure that you—as parents and guardians—have an active NYC Schools Account.
  • Each day’s learning will begin when students log into their email.

From there, students will access the Google Classroom page(s) for their teachers.

Within Google Classrooms, Students will receive:

  • A Warm Welcome from their teachers
  • An overview of the Week Ahead
  • Daily Learning Objectives
  • What they are being asked to create/learn/experience each day and week
  • How to connect with their teacher(s) for live support (additional information forthcoming)
  • Due dates: By when they will be submitting/demonstrating their engagement.

To support healthy online usage:


  • Remember that this is a new experience for our city and K-12 school community!
  • Be patient with each other and optimistic throughout!
  • Stay Connected!

On behalf of our K-12 team of teachers and faculty, we are sending love to you all.

Thank you for your ongoing support and communication.


Mark Berkowitz