mission & vision

NEST+m is a New York City Department of Education city-wide coeducational school for Gifted & Talented students, grades K to 12. We offer an academically challenging curriculum designed to produce young scholars who are distinguished by their intellectual capabilities, communication skills, capacity for leadership, ethical values, and readiness to contribute to the betterment of the world at large. We are the only public Gifted & Talented school in New York City in which students can move seamlessly from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our three schools—Lower (grades K–5), Middle (6–8) and Upper (9–12)—each occupy their own unique space in our large, sun-filled building, but they share a single educational philosophy and a unified school spirit.

NEST+m is committed to providing not just an outstanding academic education for all our students, but to creating programs that support their growth as scholars, artists, and citizens of the world. We aim to teach outstanding communication skills, whether through one of the five world languages that we offer, the required computer courses, our workshop model of reading and writing, or an expanded vocabulary in physics. We encourage students to make a difference to those around them, in their community, their city, and the world, by performing community service, and we nurture their hearts and minds by providing a welcoming place for self-expression through music, art, writing, drama, and science.