Our school’s Nurse’s Office is located in Room 257. Nurse Amy Whitman and her team provide health services to all of our students. The nurses supervise administration of medication to students with a 504 accommodation, see students in need of emergency care, and attend to students who get sick or injured.

What are 504 Accommodations?
504 Accommodations are services that are put in place to help students with special health needs due to a physical or mental impairment. Students do not need to have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) already in place in order to apply for 504 accommodations. Visit our 505 accommodations webpage to learn how to submit a request for services.

Administering medication in school
Our Nurses cannot administer medication or give medicine to a student-not even Aspirin or Tylenol–without written authorization in the form of an approved 504 authorization. Visit to find the Health Services forms you will need to fill out.

Visiting the nurse during school hours
Any student who wishes to see the nurse during an instructional period must have a pass from their teacher authorizing their visit. The Nurse will determine if students are to be sent home or remain in school.

Contact the Nurse’s Office
Room 257
212 677-5190, x2572