culture coach

Dean of Student Culture

The NEST+m Dean of Student Culture Office, located in Room 363, implements school policy as it pertains to the NYC Department of Education Student Bill of Rights and Discipline Code. Our Culture Coaches work closely with all stakeholders in our school community.

What do the Culture Coaches do?

At NEST+m we support and develop a positive school culture that values student engagement and leadership. At NEST+m we provide students with opportunities to lead within and outside the classroom, share ideas and concerns, and participate in school wide initiatives. 

Our Faculty, Culture Coaches, and Guidance team collaborate to provide students with progressive discipline that may include restorative approaches such as corrective feedback, reflective planning sessions, counseling, and mediation. If necessary, disciplinary responses include parent conferences, detention, or suspensions. The goal is always to provide students with the support they need to thrive.

Learn about the NYC DOE Discipline Code at the web page listed below:

The Flow of Referral to the Dean of Student Culture Office:

  • A student may report to a Dean as an up stander or witness to any act perceived to violate the rights of another person in our community. 
  • A student may self-report to the Dean as a victim of any act that has violated his or her own rights within our community.

Faculty and staff must report incidents in violation of the NYC DOE Student Bill of Rights and Discipline Code. Incidents of physical violence, bullying, a missing student, verbal altercations/threats, and any criminal behavior are reported to both the Dean and the Administration immediately.