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NEST+m Yearbook 2022-2023: The Journey

Good news!

The yearbooks arrived safely and we are working to distribute them to all students who pre-ordered books. Keep an eye out for your child’s backpack, as they might bring their copies as early as Monday. If you sent Maria a prepaid envelope, she will mail them starting Monday. 

*We are still looking for parent volunteers to help distribute yearbooks on Monday. If we don’t have enough helping hands, distribution will be further delayed. Please email if you can help!*

Distribution of 1-6 grade books:

Parent volunteers will distribute the yearbooks to each 1-6 classroom, according to pre-ordered records.

Distribution of 7-12 grade books:

Parent volunteers will distribute the books from the PTA office, during lunch periods and at dismissal. 

Distribution of books for classes of 2021 and 2022:

Parents and students of classes of 2021 and 2021, keep an eye out for an email from Ms. Thompson. We are planning to set a pick up time on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, when most students might be home for the break.

Purchase of extra books:

If you forgot to pre-order your copy of the yearbook, and would like one, we have a few available for $65. Cash or check, first come first served, starting Wednesday. Ask in the PTA office or, if nobody is around, in the Main office.