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One NEST+m, one school, one yearbook! Thank you for your support of last year’s The Journey! The 2019-2020 yearbook promises to be full of events, activities and experiences that make our school so special. Over 280 pages will showcase all that our students do at NEST+m. The yearbook club is working hard to give you the best yearbook so far. Read on for more information on how to order your book, submit pictures, purchase ads, and more.

Parents, if you were present on trips or at events, send us your best photographs. We need pictures of our students enjoying NEST+m. Group shots are preferable. Please send a mix of kids and settings. 10 to 20 pictures is a good number.

You can upload them directly onto Pictavo, at Once you are signed in and have found our school (school #88937), go to “Upload photos”.
Find the appropriate folder and upload your best images. Please let us know you have sent photos so we can look for them in the appropriate folder.

Alternatively, you can send us your images, with a caption of which class they represent and what date/event they show, to

Image Specifications:
• Jpeg files only
• size between 1 and 5 MB
• 300 DPI in quality (basically, good quality images, not “small sized”)

Click on this link to order your 2019-2020 yearbook:

1. Find our school (New York, New York, NEST+m, school #88937), then go to “shop my schools”.
2. Don’t forget to print or save your online receipt.
3. Seniors please note: the price of your yearbook is included in your senior dues, so no need for further payment! If you have not paid your senior dues, you will need to make a separate payment if you want a yearbook.

EARLY BIRD PRICES (deadline is March 2nd, 2020)
• Regular Yearbook: $45
• Personalized Yearbook: $55 (one line, just letters, no symbols)

• Regular Yearbook: $55.00
• Personalized Book: $65.00 (one line, just letters, no symbols)

AFTER April 30th, 2020:
no pre-orders will be available and yearbooks will not be able to be personalized.
The yearbooks will then cost $65 and will be sold on a first come first-served basis once the books arrive to school, while supplies last.
We will have very few extra books available for sale so we can't stress enough how important it is to order before the deadline.


Friends and family of NEST+m students can order a full-color advertisement in the yearbook online. Choose from 3 different sizes. This includes the traditional full page Class Ads.

Simply visit and click on Create an Account. Find our school (NEST+m, #88937), and go to “shop my school”.
You can choose to create your ad using their templates or upload your own finished work (no Word/Powerpoint documents accepted).

Advertising Rates:
• Full Page $300
• Half Page $150
• Quarter Page $100

Technical Requirements:
(If you want to upload your finished ad)
All submitted artwork and files MUST be in RGB, JPEG, or PNG format, and less than 10MB in total size. Save with 300 dpi.
You can call Pictavo Customer Support (1-800-594-2324) if you have questions.

Ad sizes:
• Full Page (vertical ad) 2625 x 3375 pixels
• Half Page (horizontal ad) 2625 x 1688 pixels
• Quarter Page (vertical ad) 1312 x 1688 pixels

Order your Line Message:
Line messages can be no more than 75 characters -- shorter than a Tweet!

Please enclose a check or money order for $10.
Please make checks out to NEST+m PTA.
Space is limited! Send in your line message by April 30th, 2020.
Mail or drop off form and payment ($10) to:
111 Columbia Street
New York, NY 10002

If you have ANY questions about the yearbook, please email