after school program K-5

An extensive on-site afterschool program is offered by After3.  For detailed information about the offerings, please go to

In addition to the activities run through After3, several neighborhood programs offer classes that are popular with our students.

Off-campus Programs (pick up at NEST+m)

  • Gilsports: A basic sports program for children from K–6, Gilsports picks up students from NEST+m on Friday afternoons and takes them by bus to playing fields and skating rinks around the city. 718-499-2093
  • 14th Street Y: Offering after-school activities such as art, cooking, theater, and swimming, the 14th Street Y picks up students daily from NEST+m.  212-780-0800, ext 258.
  • Henry Street Settlement: The Henry Street Settlement, located on the Lower East Side, just blocks from NEST+m, will pick up students and take them to their After Care at 301 Henry Street, which offers snacks, homework help, and various activities on all school days.
  • Beyond Martial Arts: BMA, located just a few blocks away from NEST+m on Houston and Attorney Sts, picks up students (K to 8th grade) after school, and offers supervised homework time, a snack, and martial arts classes.

Off-campus Programs (parents must provide their own transportation):
The following are some of the after-school programs and classes that are nearby, but do not offer transportation from NEST+m.