In the Lower School (grades K–5), teachers encourage our children’s imagination and love of learning as they become confident students with a strong ability to articulate their ideas and use different strategies of inquiry to explore complex concepts. Our core curriculum includes Singapore Math, thematic studies and science. Every Lower School student studies Mandarin, Physical Education, Art, and Music. We believe that New York City is the world’s greatest classroom, and the students embark on numerous field trips throughout the year, both in conjunction with their studies and to take advantage of the city’s cultural offerings. In addition, the Fourth Grade takes a trip to Plimoth Plantation, and the Fifth Grade travels to Camp Mason.


Assistant Principal of Supervision, Grades K-5 (IA): Barbara Rossi

Guidance Counselor/Admissions: Sarah Liogys
School Nurses: Amy Whitford & Jill Thompson
Library Media Specialist K-12: Roy Whitford
Occupational Therapy: Julie Varghese
Physical Therapy: Kimberly Schnittman
SETSS K-5 & Special Education Instructional Lead: Elena Beale
School Psychologist, Dr. Sylvia Neal
Speech Therapy: Chana Katz
Dean of Students: Jaclyn O’Connor