Gregory Farrell – Assistant Principal   212-677-5190 ext. 3432

Keshia Souffrant – Assistant Principal   212-677-5190 ext. 3432

Tessa Derfner – Assistant Principal of Special Education   212-677-5190 ext. 2231


Student Services

Stephanie Glickman, Guidance Counselor/Admissions Officer  (Grades 10 and 11)

Katherine Silva, Guidance Counselor (Grades 9 and 12)

Nancy Alba, College Guidance Counselor

Elena Beale, K-12 Special Education Instructional Lead | SETSS K-5

George W. Basley, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12

Carrie Bray, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12

Jason Chin-Fatt,  Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12 | Department Chair

Derek Gregory, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12

Daoyen Lei, Special Education ICT 9-12

Neil Selter, Special Education ICT 9-12

Hagar Sadan, IEP Teacher

Chad Cinquegrana, PSAL Athletic Director

Jaclyn O’Connor, Dean



Ms. Hilary Svihla, Studio Art I | Art Chair



Ms. Alicia Lerman, English 10

Ms. Rebecca Gordon, English 9 | English Chair

Mr. Chandler Wells, AP English Language and Composition | English 11

Mr. William Yusah, 9th Grade Theater

Ms. Anna Swann-Pye, English 12 | Creative Writing | AP English Literature


Health and Physical Education

Mr. Chad Cinquegrana, Physical Education | Athletic Director| Physical Education Chair| Health

Mr. James Castillo, Physical Education

Mr. Scott McLaughlin, Physical Education

Ms. Jaclyn O’Connor, Physical Education 6-12 | Health



Mr. Craig McGorry, Music 9-12

Mr. Pieter Voorhees, Middle Grades Music | Music Chair


Mathematics & Computer Science

Mr. Luigj Grima, AP Calculus AB & BC

Ms. Alana Gross,  Geometry | Mathematics Chair

Mr. Brandon Inhaber, Algebra II / Trigonometry | Pre-Calculus | Calculus Applications

Ms. Ruby Mercure, Algebra II / Trigonometry | AP Statistics

Ms. Margaret Tanzosh, Computer Science

Mr. Greg Weber, Algebra 1



Joel Arberman, Regents Chemistry
Ka Lam Chan, Regents Chemistry | AP Chemistry | Experimental Chemistry
Andrew WellsEarth Science | Environmental Science
Dr. Scott Justus,  Living Environment | Microbiology
Lena Krumgalz, Living Environment | AP Biology

Hyungmin Park,  AP Physics | Science Chair


Social Studies

Ms. India Allen, Global Studies I

Ms. Halle Bauer, AP Psychology | Economics

Mr. Robert Curry-Smithson, AP US History | US History

Mr. Steve Martin, AP World History | Global Studies II

Mr. Benjamin Waldman, US Government | History of New York


World Languages

Sarah Rosenberg, French | AP Spanish | Spanish 6, 8, IV | World Language Chair

Rachel GuadronSpanish 7 | Spanish II

Carolina Barreiro-Ojeda, Spanish 6 | Spanish III

Marisel Estrada, Spanish 7 | Spanish I, II

Kate SearcySpanish 8

Weina Ma, AP Chinese / Mandarin