literary magazine

Epoch is NEST+m's literary magazine.

Epoch is NEST+m Upper Grades’ literary magazine. The purpose of NEST+m’s literary magazine club is to publish students’ short stories, poetry, analytical artwork. Student compositions are self-submitted and selected by the creative literary magazine staff using a process of grading and discussion. The literary magazine staff collaborates to visually and thematically organize accepted submissions into a coherent periodical.

How to submit work to Epoch

Submit your artwork and writing to NEST+m’s student-run literary magazine! Our magazine is open to NEST+m Upper Grades students only. Feel free to ask us any questions through our email or Instagram at @nestmepoch! Submit short stories, photos, collages, poetry, memoirs, editorials, drawings, paintings, digital art, and more!

  • On a document, please include your full name and grade in the top right corner. Paste your written piece and the title of your work in the document.

  • The title of the document should include your full name and the category of your work.

  • Email  your piece to Art may be scanned or send a clear photo of the piece.

  • The subject of the email should include your full name.

Questions? Email