Student Government

About Student Government

The mission of the Student Government is to serve the students, the school, and the NEST+m community. In order to do so, the Student Government will serve as a liaison between the students and the administration, advocating for permanent solutions to address specific student body concerns.

Upper Grades Student Government

Middle Grades Student Government

2021-2022 NEST+m Upper Grades Student Government Elected Members

President: Gabrielle “Gabby” Mollin ‘22
Vice President: Kaitlyn Huang ‘23
Secretary: Kira Liang ‘22
12th Grade Representatives: Mariwa Gambo & Leah Dratch
11th Grade Representative: Sumaiya Sayeed & Ariel “Kove” Mekonen
10th Grade Representatives: Craig Hohmann & Sayma Wali

Faculty Advisors: Ms. Gabriella Utting & Mr. Hyungmin Park

Contact Us

Visit the Upper Grades Student Government website.

How to contact Student Government members

  • If you have any concerns that Student Government should be aware of, email your Grade Representative through their NEST+m email address.
  • If you have general suggestions to bring up to the UG Student Government, please use the Suggestion Box.

How to attend Student Government meetings

  • All Student Government meetings are open to the NEST+m student body! You may attend and help out, even if you are not an elected member. Come participate in making NEST+m a better place.
  • Student Government meetings are on Mondays from 4:00 PM ~ 4:45 PM. Any changes will be announced through the NEST+m Student Government Remind group. For the Zoom link, email any of the faculty advisors with your NEST+m email address.

How to stay in touch

  • To get Student Government notifications (e.g. reminders of upcoming meeting days and times), join the NEST+m Student Government Remind group. Email the current Student Government President through your NEST+m email address to get the join code.
  • To get school-wide notifications, including about the upcoming NEST+m Student Government elections, join the Grade-wide Remind Notification groups.
  • The NEST+m UG SG Instagram account is @nestmstugov.
  • Visit the UG Student Government website.