Welcome and thank you for visiting our website to learn about our very special school.

Located on the Lower East Side of NYC, NEST+m is the only K-12 public school located in Manhattan, and it educates gifted and talented students from all 5 boroughs. Our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are consistently ranked in the top schools in NYC based on standardized test scores. But stellar test scores do not tell the whole story of our student body, many of whom are also highly accomplished artists, musicians, writers, chess players and/or athletes. Our dynamic faculty are creative, hands-on, insightful teachers who are also inspired coaches and mentors for many of the before-school and after-school activities offered to the students.

NEST+m is committed to nurturing and challenging all forms of giftedness, and to creating an environment that supports all forms of achievement. Our school is committed to providing not just an outstanding academic education for all our students, but to creating programs that support their growth as scholars, artists, and citizens of the world. We aim to teach outstanding communication skills, whether through one of the five world languages that we offer, the required computer courses, our workshop model of reading and writing, or an expanded vocabulary in physics. We encourage students to make a difference to those around them, in their community, their city, and the world, by performing community service, and we nurture their hearts and minds by providing a welcoming place for self-expression through music, art, writing, drama, chess, robotics and science.