Lower Grade Admissions

See the Gifted & Talented webpage for updates. Please stay tuned and check this webpage frequently.

Our school is NOT AFFILIATED with the NEST Autism Spectrum Disorders Program at NYU. Please visit the NEST ASD webpage for more information.

  • Our Lower Grades is a G&T program. Learn how to apply for Gifted and Talented programs.
  • The application period for 2023-2024 is December 7, 2022 - January 20, 2023.
  • Set up your MySchools account. You will need a sign up code from your child's Guidance Counselor or contact a Family Welcome Center representative.
  • NEST+m is listed in MySchools as "New Explorations Into Science, Technology & Math". Our school code is 01M539.
  • Families will be able to apply to Kindergarten Gifted and Talented programs on the same application as other Kindergarten programs. LEARN MORE.
  • If you are new to NYC or in private school, you must contact a Family Welcome Center to find out about enrolling your student in public school.


NYC DOE Gifted & Talented Admissions Information

Visit schools.nyc.gov/G&T

We are here to support you throughout the admissions process! If you have questions, you can: 

Open House Information

Please visit our Welcome Events webpage.

Applying to NEST+m for Grades K – 3

Thank you for your interest in attending NEST+m. Admissions for Grades K – 3 at NEST+m is managed by the NYC Department of Education’s Office of Enrollment.

NEST+m is listed in MySchools as "New Explorations Into Science, Technology & Math". Our school code is 01M539.

Sign up for a MySchools account. Speak to your child's Guidance Counselor or a representative at the Family Welcome Center to get a sign up code.

Rank programs in order of preference. Please note the following:

  • Families can list Kindergarten AND gifted and talented programs on the SAME application. Read a message from NYC DOE Admissions Team .
  • Any family who lists a G&T program anywhere on their application will then be considered for eligibility.  Visit this webpage to learn about eligibility for Fall 2023.
  • Families who submit an application will receive a single Kindergarten offer in April to either a Kindergarten or G&T program.
  • Schools will know who received offers to general Kindergarten and G&T programs at their school at the same time in April.
  • Waitlists will become available at the same time for both Kindergarten and G&T. Families will only be able to accept one offer at a time.

Helpful links for families of accepted students

If you are a new family it is very important to sign up for PTA Connect because we use this email list to send important school announcements.

Registration Information

If your child receives an offer to attend NEST+m, you will receive an email to schedule a registration appointment. Visit this link to learn what documents to bring to Registration.
You can get a head start on the paperwork; print and fill out these documents at home and bring them with you to your registration appointment.

Please visit our Registration page to complete the necessary forms:

  • Student Information Form
  • Housing Questionnaire
  • Federal Parent/Guardian Student Ethnic & Race Identification
  • Language Preference Form
  • Child & Adolescent Health Examination Form
  • Media Consent
  • Family Income Inquiry Form
  • Classroom Supplies Fund


Students in K-6 who live in Manhattan below 93rd st, MAY be eligible for free yellow bus transportation.  Visit the Transportation webpage for more information. All students who do not ride the public yellow bus will be issued a student Metrocard.


Right of Return

If your student is discharged from NEST+m and wants to return, that request must be made within the school year. The request will be considered only if there is an available seat.


See the Chancellor's Regulation A-1010, page 17, which outlines the policy for students of citywide G&T programs.