School Leadership Team

All New York State public schools have a School Leadership Team (SLT). The NEST+m SLT is a proactive team of parents, teachers, Upper School students, and administrators whose purpose is to facilitate communication and involvement among all members of the NEST+m community. The SLT meets monthly and serves as an advisory panel to the school Principal regarding NEST+m issues.

The School Leadership Team develops the school’s annual Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), available for review in the Main Office, which sets annual goals for the school in specific areas and focuses on developing strategies for improvement. The SLT, with input from the school community, is responsible for evaluating the quality of our school’s educational programs and their effects on student achievement. The SLT is also responsible for ensuring that the school budget supports the goals set forth in the CEP. If you have a comment or question, please leave us a note in the SLT mailbox located in the PTA office or send an email to

Our School Leadership Team (SLT)

The SLT is comprised of equal number of parents, to NEST+m staff members, and this year two Upper Grades students. The Principal, UFT Representative, and PTA President (or Co-Presidents) are automatically granted positions on the SLT and because we are officially a high school, two Upper Grades students are required. Five of the parent member positions are elected and three of the NEST+m faculty member positions are elected. Parent members are elected to two-year terms. Of the elected parent member’s positions, at least one is to be held by an Upper Grades parent, at least one by a Middle Grades parent, and at least one by a Lower Grades parent. The SLT parent elections are held in the spring following the Parent Teacher Association elections.

See the school Calendar webpage to see SLT meeting days and times.

NEST+m SLT Members – 2021-2022

  • Meaghan Lynch – Principal
  • Michael Muntner – UFT Representative
  • Hyungmin Park – Teacher
  • Carrie Bray – Teacher
  • Meera Zucker - Teacher
  • Barbara Rossi – Assistant Principal
  • Donna Kwong – PTA Co-President
  • Joseph Ng – Parent
  • Niyati Parekh – Parent
  • Amy Prince – Parent
  • Menka Lamba – Parent
  • Ryan Willm - Parent
  • TBD – Student Representative
  • TBD – Student Representative