• Please fill out the School Survey!

    Parents & guardians, PLEASE take 5 minutes to fill out the School Survey! 

    It is much shorter this year, and the code is easy: "f" followed by the student's OSIS ID number. 

    It will look like this: f000000000 where the zeroes are the student's OSIS ID.

    This year, the DOE is asking families to fill out a survey for EACH child. 

    Visit this webpage to find out more and take the survey:

  • Student & Family updates - 6.12.2021

    Please see the Student & Family Updates - 6.12.2021.

  • NESTFest is TONIGHT, 6pm!

    Do not miss the 15th annual K-12 talent show! BOOKMARK THIS LINK so you are ready to watch the show tonight, Friday, June 11th, at 6pm. Share love & support with the performers,
    LIVE during the show, via this PADLET!

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