Upper Grades Clubs and Activities


As we wrap up this school year and start looking forward to the next one, I would like to share with you the instructions for anyone wishing to lead a club next year (new or existing).

  1. Please review the detailed information in this presentation: “Clubs Process 2022-2023”.

  2. Leaders of existing/continuing clubs: Update your club application using the links available in the Draft Club Directory and the instructions provided.

  3. Students wishing to start a new club: Make a new copy of the Club Application template and fill it out following the instructions provided. Slide 9 of the presentation shared above covers the requirements for starting a new club.

  4. Please submit all applications by adding them to this folder, “Club Applications 2022-2023” by Thursday, September 15, 2022. 

  5. Any student planning to lead a club next year (new or existing), please join the Club Leader Remind group by clicking this link or texting @nestclubs to 81010. This channel will be used to communicate information about your club’s application status, preparations for the Club Fair, and other information for club leaders throughout the year.

Note: We haven't yet received guidance on when clubs will be able to meet next year (in the morning, after school, at lunch, etc.). Please fill out what you can for now, and add your application to the folder. You can update this part of the application later once we have more information about the schedule in the fall.

The date of the Club Fair will be announced in the early weeks of school and at that point we will kick off all club meetings for the new school year!

Questions? Contact Ms. Thompson, Coordinator of Student Activities

Upper Grades Clubs FAQs

I was a student leader for a club last year. How do I update my club’s application for this year?

  1. Open the draft Club Directory and click on your club’s name to access your application from last year. Use this for reference as you work on Step #2.
  2. Make a copy of the 2021-2022 Club Application and title the doc with the name of your club. Share it with your faculty advisor and student leaders, and fill it out completely. You can copy/paste your answers from last year’s application for any sections that haven’t changed, but be sure to include updated contact info.
  3. Share the copy with Ms. Thompson (katethompson@nestmk12.net). Once you share the doc with me, it is considered “submitted,” but you can continue to make changes as needed. 

Please note the following::

  • EACH club needs to submit an updated application, even if you’re not a new club! This helps to ensure that we have an accurate directory and new members know how to contact you.
  • If you led a club last year but you don’t plan to keep that club going this year, please email Ms. Thompson to have it removed from the directory (or just don’t submit a new application and it will be removed after 9/14).
  • You may not know the details yet of where and when your club will meet, and that’s ok! Fill in as much as you can for now, and since the doc will remain editable by you, you can make changes as needed throughout the year.

I have an idea for a new club that I’d like to start. What do I need to do?

First, check the draft Club Directory to see if there is already a group whose interests/vision align with yours. Project ideas can often gain more traction if you work with a club that already has a member base. If your idea requires forming a new club, submit a new Club Application and really highlight the ways in which your new club will fill a niche and contribute to our school community!


  • Clubs need a minimum of 10 consistent members at each meeting in order to remain active. Once the club directory is finalized, each club will track and record their attendance via a Google Sheet shared by Ms. Thompson.
  • Every club needs a faculty advisor, whether meeting in person or remotely. Consider what teachers might be interested and able to work with you, and send them an email to check their availability.

Will club meetings be happening remotely or in person?

At this point things are still changing, but it will likely be a combination of both. Talk with your faculty advisor to find out their availability, and consider the needs of your club and members. More details and guidelines coming soon. 

When will I be able to join the clubs I’m interested in?

Logistics for this year’s (most likely virtual) Club Fair are still being finalized, but once the Club Directory is finalized, we will hold an event so that you can talk to club leaders and sign up to participate in any clubs that interest you. Stay tuned for more announcements in the first few weeks of school! 

I still have questions about the club application process. Who can I ask?

Email your Coordinator of Student Activities, Ms. Thompson katethompson@nestmk12.net, with any club-related questions not answered here.

How do I report Community service hours?

To report Community Service, please download the form below, fill out and return to your Guidance Counselor.