Attendance During Remote Learning

We have created an easy way to report students’ daily attendance during remote learning.

All students will need to mark their attendance in the Attendance Form by noon time each day moving forward.

Here’s how:

Students in K-5
Please visit the Google classroom of the primary teacher and use the URL link to mark the student present. For eg, if your chid’s classroom teacher is Ms. Siegel, you would go to her Google Classroom to fill out the Attendance Form.

Students in Grades 6-12
Please visit the ELA teacher’s Google Classroom and use the URL link provided.  For eg, if your ELA teacher is Ms. Turnowski in 8th grade, you would visit Ms. Turnowski’s Google Classroom and fill out the Attendance Form.

All students need to know & memorize their OSIS ID numbers!
If you do not know your OSIS number, you can find it on any report card or in Pupilpath. Or, email and put “OSIS Request” in the subject line.

If you have general attendance questions, please email your teacher or Marcy Duran, Attendance Secretary, at