Classroom Supplies

Classroom Supplies

Every year, the PTA oversees the ordering and distribution of Classroom Supplies! This large-scale purchasing guarantees that the teachers get exactly what they need, allows us to take advantage of bulk pricing, and saves you painful trips to Staples.

Please make your contribution by using the appropriate PTA Connect button below. If you need financial assistance to cover this expense, please contact our Parent Coordinator at

Questions about the Classroom Supplies program?  Email us at



Teacher Education Support 
We are asking all of our NEST+m families  to contribute $20 to help support our teachers. These fees will be used by our teachers to purchase school materials whether we are in remote learning or in the classrooms. Teachers continue to purchase supplies out of pocket and the PTA, as always, reimburses them. Once we are officially back in our NEST+m building, we will reach out to our families for additional support associated with classroom supplies. 

Thank you for your support of our teachers!