Dress Code

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​As New York City’s K­12 citywide gifted and talented school, NEST+m has students who are members of a community of learners that spans from kindergartners to 12th graders. NEST+m students are expected to dress in a manner that is respectful toward our K­12 learning environment. In keeping with this philosophy, the NEST+m School Leadership Team supports the accompanying dress code (which applies to all grades, unless specifically noted):

● Students in grades K­8 are to wear an upper garment (e.g. shirt, dress, sweater, sweatshirt) with the NEST+m insignia and/or brand.

● Closed­ toe shoes (preferably with a rubber sole) must be worn by students in grades K-­5.

● During Physical Education classes, students are expected to wear sneakers. In grades 6-­12, during Physical Education classes, students are expected to wear an athletic t­-shirt or sweatshirt, as well as athletic shorts or sweatpants.

● Clothing that degrades religion, race, or sexuality and clothing that promotes alcohol, drug use or offensive language is prohibited. Any attire that features words or images that violate the Department of Education’s Respect for All Initiative will not be permitted.

● Undergarments are not to be visible (e.g. pants are to be worn at the waist).

● Clothing may not be transparent (sheer) unless it is worn in combination with other garments that are not transparent.

● Tops and bottoms of outer garments must meet and should reasonably cover skin and not expose midriff or back. Strapless tops are not be worn.

● Skirts, shorts or other garments covering the lower body are to reach the fingertips of the extended arm.

● Religious head coverings are welcome. Headwear such as hats, visors, bandanas and hoods worn on the head (e.g. from sweaters or sweatshirts) are prohibited.

Students whose attire is not aligned with this dress code will be asked to speak with the Dean of Students or a member of the administrative team. The Principal or designee will make the final determination of questions of student attire. Students whose attire is not aligned with this dress code will be provided school­ issued attire.