Remote Learning is overwhelming and new. 

  • Students should be logging into their Google Classrooms daily and keeping up with work
  • Students need to reach out to their teachers online for additional support in case they cannot attend Office Hours
  • If students aren’t able to attend a live lesson, they should reach out to their teachers to seek a solution
  • Parents should check in with their child about Google Classrooms and progress daily
  • Students can and should be discussing their work with parents

For students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans)

  • Students with IEPs should be attending their Google Classrooms regularly to keep up with work.
  • Related Service Providers (Speech, OT/PT, Counseling) are contacting parents to schedule their service sessions.

Remote Learning Policy Guides

The following policy guides have been created to support clear and equitable practices for remote teaching and learning. These policies have been informed by guidance from the NYCDOE, feedback from students, families, and teacher leaders. We hope this guide provides clarity regarding student responsibilities during this challenging period.